Welcome to the FIRAS Registers

About the Register

This register contains the details of companies who are certificated installers of fire protection in accordance with the requirements of the FIRAS Schemes. Each FIRAS Certificated company is required to continue to demonstrate compliance with industry standards, material/product manufacturer installation instructions in order to assure clients that the fire protection installed by them is correct to specification and will afford the required fire protection.

As a requirement of the FIRAS Schemes, certificated companies are required to employ, on a permanent or contract basis, competent Supervisors and Technicians (Operators) whose technical and practical competence is assessed by FIRAS Inspectors in the trade disciplines for which certification scope is held. A register of competent employees is maintained for each certificated company, which is regularly reviewed to ensure that the company maintains a competent workforce whose abilities remain current with the workscope the company provides.

Once certificated, all FIRAS Registered Installer Companies are subject to ongoing random inspection of their installation work on ongoing contracts along with an annual audit of their office systems by FIRAS Inspectors to ensure that compliance with FIRAS Scheme Requirements is maintained.

This FIRAS Register of Certificated Installer Companies is updated regularly and for convenience of the user has been arranged under generic trade discipline headings.